Contract Research

Clyz lab is an independent biotechnology research laboratory (CRO), specializing in Discovery, Early Phase and Pre-clinical characterization and testing of Biopharmaceutical Products and/or candidate molecules utilising advanced cell culture techniques and assays. Following Contract Research Services are available:

In-vitro Drug Toxicity Screening:

Clyz labs is able to pursue in-vitro drug toxicity studies which will enable clients to reduce the costs on the failures in Phase 1 and animal studies.

PreClinical Drug Screening:

Cancer affects a heterogeneous population, in which one drug will not work for all patients. Though the identification of predictive biomarkers and genetic signatures in the patient population could greatly facilitate stratification in the clinic, partnership with CLYZ Labs will enable clients to test the candidate drugs on heterogeneous 3D human tissue samples increasing the chances of success for new agents. Clyz labs can reproduce various clinical trial designs in a laboratory setting, which will enable clients to make informed decisions on lead candidates and patient selection whilst reducing costs and time to market accelerating drug discovery process to improve global cancer care.

Interview with Our CEO at Venturefest NorthWest Final 2018