Dr Himanshu Kataria – CEO & Managing Director

Himanshu is an experienced NHS Academic Clinician with emergency medicine background (>10 years clinical experience). Himanshu has substantial experience in setup and delivery of clinical research trials, as a specialty lead within Clinical Research Network for the whole of North West Coast of England delivering research in >23 NHS Partner organisations. Himanshu is an MBBS, MBBS, MRCSed (A&E), MRCEM, FRCEM, ALS Instructor. With a number of years in both clinical and research experience, Himanshu has held various consultancy posts in notable hospitals/medical facilities such as Whiston Hospital in Merseyside. He also held the Special Group Lead position within the Clinical Research Network – North West Coast: Research Delivery arm of the NIHR (National Institute of Health Research). In addition to his qualifications as a Medical Doctor, Himanshu has held a number of entrepreneurial roles over the past few years in bio-medical companies such as Indu Stem Cell Technology Plc, and Transgenex Inc in the USA. Dr Kataria is familiar with financial management of the business owing to his experience in Clinical Finance Limited which advised for fundraising for Indu Stem Cell Technology PLC. He continues to serve as a director for Indu Stem Cell Technology PLC.

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