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If you or any of your beloved ones are candidates to receive chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer, you should be glad to know that CLYZ Labs is planing a Clinical trial for a Chemosensitivity Test to choose the active drugs for each individual. By doing this, it will be possible to maximize their effects with better response for the patient while avoiding to deal with unnecessary toxicity and its consequences. In this sense, a chemosensitivity test can help physicians to personalize the treatment by choosing the chemo-agent, regimen and other biological elements that better suit every patient.

Going through chemotherapy is not an easy task for anyone and many efforts have been oriented to light the physical, emotional, psychological and financial burden it brings to the patient. CLYZ Labs evidence based Chemosensitivity test will contribute to diminish such burden and improve the quality of life of the patient during the treatment.

Cancer research has gone in many directions. Scientists and laboratories are putting their best efforts to find the cure and important advances have been done in this direction. Some of these efforts are oriented to find better treatments. In the past, the location of the tumor was the only condition considered to determine any treatment but all experiences and trails failed in finding an standard regimen for every patient of a given type of cancer.  With time, some results determined that besides location both, nature and particular features of the tumor also influence decisively the effectiveness of treatments.  In addition, new discoveries about molecular mechanisms of drug response have given a new dimension to the research. In spite of these scientific advances, most of cancer treatment decisions still continue to rely on population based research findings. It has experienced a considerable progress since its initial introduction and it is widely available all around the world. Statistically, results are improving and Chemotherapy is the first option suggested by many physicians.

Nowadays, when physicians recommend the chemotherapy they are also in charge to determine what drugs should be used. Usually, more than one drug is necessary to attack each tumor. To determine what drug or drug combinations must be used, physicians also take into consideration the results of a variety of physical tests such as blood tests, physical examination and medical history of the patient. The final formula is commonly known as a “cocktail” because it contains several drugs and ingredients.

Taking the chemosensitivity test will be easy and fast. Fresh Blood sample and Fresh samples from solid or fluid tumors will be obtained from the biopsy or surgery of the patient. Those samples will be sent to the CLYZ Labs to conduct Chemosensitivity Test with a variety of chemotherapy drugs alongwith the blood test. Test results will be available in 7 -10 days before your clinic visit.

Sensitivity is found by determining the level of effectiveness of certain chemo-agents against cancer cells of the patient.  In the opposite way, the results of chemosensitivity test also determine the drug resistance which means offering information about which cancer cells of the patient continue living and growing despite receiving the drug.  With the results of this test, the patients do not need to go through a “guess and check” treatment with the drugs and they can protect their immune system from the beginning of the treatment.

The test will be suitable for any patient diagnosed with cancer at any stage of the disease. Those who take the test before starting the first treatment will be most benefitted. If the patient already started a chemotherapy treatment, the test would still be able to improve such treatment and find new alternatives if necessary.

Results of CLYZ chemosesensitivity test will offer a new approach to potential chemotherapy treatments. A wide combination of drugs and medicines will no longer be necessary and side effects of non beneficial drugs will be avoided. The quality of life will improve during the treatment and after completing it because of the lower amount of drugs required.

Chemosensitivity test will also result in helping treatment of rare cancers that have not been widely researched yet. In addition, new drugs available in the market will also be tested in advance for a particular case without risking the health of the patient.

Financially, there is more chance to reduce the costs by eliminating drugs and medicines from the chemo “cocktail”. Lower side effects imply less money in medicines and additional treatments to control them.  Patients can continue with some of their productive activities in daily life. Costs of chemosensitivity tests do not exceed the costs of other treatments and they might be covered by insurance companies.

Chemotherapy treatment doesn´t have to be that hard as CLYZ chemosensitivity test will solve many problems related to it and CLYZ Chemosensitivity will be available soon under clinical trial.

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